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Here's where you can find my most popular blog posts.

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Duck diving is a technique used by surfers to sink their surfboards underwater to enable the wave to roll over them.[...]
How To Frontside Tailslide
A tail side is an advanced maneuver where the back of the board slides around as a result of your fins breaking out[...]
How To Pop Up Intermediate
Making your pop up more consistent and reliable starts with a solid foundation. Laying good foundations early is a key to your[...]
How To Frontside Tuberide
The tube ride is the ultimate ride. Often referred to as "getting barrelled" or "shacked' or "int he green room"[...]
How To Generate Speed
The advanced surfer is constantly thinking of how to increase speed in order to gain power. The speed at which[...]
How To Angle Your Take Off
Angling your take off allows a surfer to drop in on waves that are steep. Popping Up with a slight[...]

I'd been trying different ways to improve my surfing for over 10 years, all of which had failed and I've been stuck at the beginner to intermediate level for ever! After following Lauren's coaching and advice I was able to gradually transition out of my stagnate phase and I now surfing better then ever.  It took me 6 months, but it was the best decision I ever made!

Lucy Forster Perkins

I've been surfing for over 15 years and I tried everything to improve. I felt I only need to make small changes but I didn't know what they were. Working with Lauren through her coaching me one to one she outlined exactly my pain points and has given me a crystal clear pathways to move forward.  I now feel more inspired, energised and excited than ever before.

Drew Whitfield 

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