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Next class in take September 2020. Limited spaces. 

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Modern Surfboards

Each model in the Modern range represents a different way to surf, and focuses on novice-to-intermediate surfers wanting an affordable board that’ll not only progress their skills, but maximise their stoke time.

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January 29, 2020


January 23, 2020


January 17, 2020


About HOS.

House of Surf started in 2017 with the dream of creating the ultimate destination for recreational surfers seeking the highest quality instruction using the latest technology.

They Say

Ira Kado

I ACTUALlY HAD ONE OF THE BEST SURFS for the year and feel now very positive about it. I love surfing. Its the biggest joy ever, Thank you so much for your time and creating this video. Good luck with everything! I live in Coffs Region, you legend.

Leanne Sinclair

Thanks so much Loz for continuing to run these classes for all the right reasons.

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