Surfing popularity has soared in recent years and there are more and more surfers contending for fewer waves than ever before.

Point breaks, in particular, are experiencing high volumes of surfers, all contending for the same waves.

Here are 3 tips that can help you catch more waves:

1. Find your spot. Before you strap on your leg rope and dive in. Take a moment to look around at the rhythm of the sets and how/ where they’re breaking.

For instance: There are three spots to sit on this point break pictured. Most surfers (unless they’re advanced) can’t make it around each section. Picking your take-off zone and sticking to it will maximize your wave count.

2. Board position. Sit up on your board with it facing at a 45-degree angle to the wave.

In this position, your attention will be out to sea, yet you’re still able to turn your board quickly to catch a last minute wave if someone falls off.

3. Paddling. It helps to be a strong paddler at a point-break. Often you don’t have the same time as there are so many people fighting for the same wave.

To maximize your paddle speed, place your chin close to your board, and keep your back flat.

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