Ok, so lets to get to the politics. As with every sport, they ALL have there do’s and dont’s, surfing is no exception.

In fact, it really isn’t cool to drop in, snake or flat out be an a@#shole in the water.

This is why we all abide by this code of conduct to keep the water safe and allow everyone of all ages and abilities to have fun and enjoy the ocean.

To all the newbie’s surfers in the water try to be mindful of as many of these tips when you’re next out in the water.

Before you surf, here are 6 tips you need to know.

1.Surfing is for everyone – whether you are 5 or 85

2.Learn about ‘right of way’ by asking someone who knows

3.Snaking isn’t cool, give all surfers plenty of space

4.Keep an eye out to avoid collisions

5.Help others in trouble

6.Share knowledge

Do try to stick by these unwritten rules, keep yourself out of trouble, and enjoy your surfing.

Surfing is out sharing good vibes all around.

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If you feel this has helped in any way or have any questions please leave a comment below.

Happy surfing,


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