Surf Safety… I know what you’re thinking. And it’s true. Who cares right?.

But you know what, when it’s 6 foot and your leg rope snaps or you didn’t screw your fin in properly you’ll be thanking me.

This stuff will all become second nature one day, but until then it pays to make a habit of it.

Learning to Surf is one of the most fun and life-changing experiences you can have, and for lots of people, the journey can last a lifetime.

However, surfing is a very demanding and unpredictable sport. Your environment is constantly changing and you can be exposed to situations that are out of your control.

For this reason, it’s really important to have a basic understanding of all the safety aspects associated with surfing prior to getting in the water.

Here are our top three questions to ask yourself before heading out for your next surf:

The Golden Rule: Never go surfing in water that you are unsure of – where the surf is larger than your ability

Ask yourself: “Would you still be able to swim in the surf and back to the shore if your legrope snaps and if you lose your board?”

If you don’t think so: The best idea is not to go surfing until conditions are more suitable for you.

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