You can light a fire…on the beach! Tilly said. Really? Are you sure?. The car was already packed with the only objection being to UNPLUG. Get into nature, think, feel, be inspired and get back to basics. I looooooooove nature.

So we headed north via the Noosa hinterland, meandering through the picturesque green hills, dusty dirt roads and vast blue sky ahead. I LOVE Australia for its contrast in landscapes and its expansiveness. Old utes parked in Queensland shacks.

Arriving at Rainbow had a real adventure feel. Tons of landrovers getting ready to head over to Fraser, backpackers emptying the entire contents of their vans in preparation of their trip further North.

Stocking up with a few supplies in town before heading out to Inskip point. Driving past all the campers and different entry points, trying to find or feel the right spot. A balance between close to a toilet, a fire pit already used and quick access to the beach. This is why I love camping. Stripping back to these simple questions. In the moment.

Sunset looming closer, a quick unpack and gathering of firewood in preparation for the darkness only moments away.  

Headed to the beach overlooking the magical channel between Fraser Island and Rainbow beach. There was so much sea life on display over our two days camping. It was one of this first time I felt secure in sealife numbers. This channel was just breathtaking.

Back at the camp, it was time to light our fire. First strike and boom the roar of the fire was electrifying. The crackling of the wood is so soothing to the ear. What is it about fires? Why are we so drawn to them? Burning Halloumi on the fire for our veggie bbq, tasting the smokiness in our buns with a drizzle of tommy k was all that our hearts desired.

The morning was greeted with perfect sunrise in our now most favorite place. The channel thriving in a new day with dolphins gentle swimming on by. Sipping coffee and watching all the sea life activity unfold was captivating.

After breakfast, we headed into town for a surf check. The waves were so dreamy. Offshore winds, crisp Autumn weather and gentle 2-3 footers rolling into the bay.  You really had to pinch yourself at the sight of the backdrop. Crazy colored sand dunes as high as 100m and wrapped the entire bay out to Double Island point. 4wd drive whizzing past on the hunt for waves and adventure.

A bite to eat and then into the dunes for some nature bathing and dune boarding. A short hike through the national park to the lookout where we were greeted with jaw-dropping views of massive sand dunes merging into the valley and beyond. Kinda of felt like the end of the world, however, comforted by nature and all of her beauty.

I realized on my trip you don’t have to go far to get off the grid, get unplugged, connect with yourself. A short drive in Australia and you’ll be in some kind of isolation. I think that’s why we are all drawn to Australia.. I felt revived and wanting more of what my trip short trip north had to offer. Inspired to continue life on the road and determined to dance on the edge of society.

Peace & Love

Loz X

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