Hey, I'm Lauren Ringer the founder of House of Surf.

House of Surf started in 2017 with the dream of creating the ultimate destination for recreational surfers seeking the highest quality instruction using the latest technology.

The more clients I coached the more I understood their difficulties and I wanted to help solve their problems.

Surfing is a difficult sport but with access to more technology it's becoming easier for students to understand.

Surfing has been a huge part of my life, I've competed all around the world and it's taking me to countries I could only dream of.

I want to give back to the sport and show others the amazing health benefits it can provide and the incredible feeling of 'surf stoked'.

I believe with the right instruction we can all improve. 

I want to share everything I have learned coaching over the years so you transition your surfing with new and improve confidence and surfing better than ever.

With Love,