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September/October 2020 - March/April 2021 

Mount Maunganui, NZ

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Surf Novice

Level 1

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  • Time:
  • Mobile: Mount Maungauni - Papamoa  

Who's this for?

This weekly class begins in the forgiving white water. You won’t be out of your depth until your comfortable to do so.

You’ll learn how to select and catch waves unassisted; how to stall and accelerate the board; the difference between trimming and carving turns; and the functional stance which will allow you to perform big turns and progress onto catching unbroken waves. 

Surf Improver

Level 2

  • What day?
  • Time:
  • Mobile: Mount Maungauni - Papamoa  

Who's this for?

This weekly class is for the expericed beginner who can comfortbaly stand on the board. 

So you’ll learn to paddle through the white water efficiently and safely; learn about binary and dynamic wave selection; work on agility and prediction drills; angle your take off; create speed down the line; understand etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with any situation which may present itself to you.

Surf Progressor 

Level 3

  • What day?
  • Time:
  • Mobile: Mount Maungauni - Papamoa  

Who's this for? 

This weekly class is for intermediate surfer who are confident at catching waves up to head high on their own. Who have a pretty good level of fitness and are looking to master cutbacks, create and control speed better and agility and prediction drills ect. 

This class will invlove both surf fitness drills and techniuqe coaching. 

Surf Pro

Level 4

  • What day?
  • Time:
  • Mobile: Mount Maungauni - Papamoa  

Who's this for?

This weekly class is for women surfers who want to begin performing committed manouvers in the cirtical part of the wave with speed and power. 

Then you’ll learn which skills are relevant to you so you can break your free surfs up into productive bite sized drills. The aim is that you will leave being able to fault find and self coach by watching video of yourself in future.

How It Works

  1. Choose a class best suited to your abilty. 
  2. Choose a class pass best suited for your budget.
  3. Book your prefered day & date on the calander.
  4. Sign the indemnity form and send it back to (alternatively print it out and hand it in at the start of your class).
  5. Download The Surf Book (goals of progression) 
  6. SMS Loz 0276406112 to enrol and to be included on the location notification group text.
  7. Read through the F.A.Q's.


Can I turn up and pay?

All classes are to be paid in full before commencing. 

No money is excepted on the beach. 

What level of fitness do you require?

All paticipants must be able to swim. A moderate fitness level is sufficient. 

Do you supply equipment?

No, sorry not at this time. If you do wish to hire a surbfoard or wetsuit I can recommend these places:

1. Mount Backpackers

2. South Pacific Surf School

How long does a class pass last for?

All class passes are valid until the last class of the season. This will be between end of March 2021 early April 2021.

Can I buy a class pass as a gift?

Absoultely. This is a great gift for women surfers who are looking to imporve their surfing.

Can I expect to improve my surfing?

Good surf tuition is fundemental to your surf progression. These classes are a great way to identify your weaknesses and build on your strenghts. 

What's your contact details so I can get my friends to join too?

My name is Loz and my number is 027 640 6112. 

Do I recieve a discount if I refer a friend?

Absolutely. You'll recive 50% off your next purchase. 

I will send you a unique link so you can go ahead and receive your discount and class pass.

What's your refund policy?

For all our classes we don't offer a refund policy. Instead we offer a credit note. 

What happens if there's no surf?

The class runs irrespective of the surf and we take the opptunity to work on different areas of our surfing. 

From skateboarding drills to fitness routines to paddling technique in the flat water. 

Sometimes we even jump into the sea to practise our breathing. 

What do I need to bring?

You'll need to bring your surfboard, wetsuit (if it's cold), a water bottle and sunscreen.

Where do we meet?

The location is mobile, between Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

This is to help ensure we are surfing the best condtions possible. 

How to do you teach the classes?

The Intermediate lessons have a mixture of land and water based tuition. 

*Sometimes the surf pro may have some video coaching. 

All beginner lessons are taught with your instructor in the water. 

What happens if I'm running late for the class?

Through the group SMS, you'll be notified of where we are that morning or afternoon. 

When you arrive, jump into the class and we'll begin. 

Are the classes held all year round?

No. Our classes run in the warmer months. 

Between Sep/ Oct - March/ April.

Are the classes structured? 

Yes to a certain degree. 

Which ever class your in, the objective is by the end of the season to be able to move up to the next class/ level. 

If you're in the Surf Progressor class you can choose to return as a wise student once again, or take the confidnce and knowledge with you to be able to teach yourself. 

As with all tuition here at the House of Surf, our priorty is to make sure surfng is fun and enjoyable for everyone. 

What kind of areas of surfing will we be working on for each of the different levels?

Download the Surf Better chart here.

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

Yes. One disclaimer for the season is enough. 

Download the indemnity form here


If you haven't found the answers to your questions, alternatively get in touch with the House of Surf on +64 (0)27 640 6112.

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