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The Greenwave Rider Class is for women who've mastered the basics, are catching waves unassisted with relative ease, and are looking to make the transition out the back to the unbroken green waves.

Our mission with this 6-week class is to leave the whitewater behind once and for all.  

We'll be focusing on line-up positioning, advanced paddle technique, wave selection and the rapid pop-up method that's essential to catching green waves - and riding them successfully!

We'll nurture you through our 6-week program to build up your confidence, get you catching green waves completely unassisted (more often), and have you surfing with freedom and flair in no time.

All in a 100% non-judgmental learning environment, surrounded by other likeminded women.

About the Class:

  • Wave selection 101: How to pick the right waves at the right time!
  • Cork + Pop technique: A little known technique that could double your wave count...
  • Advanced paddle technique
  • The angled take-off: How to trim across the wave
  • Work on agility and prediction drills
  • Spot X: Learn lateral & perpendicular positioning 
  • Understand surf etiquette: Know how to confidently and safely deal with any situation which may present itself to you
  • The flip-side of rips: Learn to use rips to your advantage
  • Duck diving, turtle rolling, push-through method, and the Clubby pop technique
  • Much more...



You missed out!

What people have been saying...



"Awesome experience!! Loz has an infectious positive vibe that makes every lesson fun.

She's a great teacher and genuinely wants you to succeed as much as you do.

I felt safe and supported the whole time and met some great girls along the way."



"I took part in a 6-week intermediate programme and it was awesome!! I learned new skills, gained much needed confidence to take off on steeper waves and left with some tangible things to work on.

Can't recommend highly enough!!!


Loz really knows her stuff and can diagnose she's just a dream boat to hang out with.

Do it!!"

Claire Henry/


"Loz at House of Surf is a natural surf coach, with an ability to fine tune and tweak your surfing with so much skill and expertise.

Loz brings a level of fun and authentic passion for surfing and especially women's surfing that is contagious and so fun!

I have gained so much from only six weeks, would highly recommend Loz's classes for any level."

Our approach...

We approach surf coaching a little differently to most...

To us, surfing is more than just pop-ups and cutbacks. Sure, these things are important (and we cover them in depth of course), but there's just so much more to surfing than this.

That's why we take a more holistic approach - using surfing as the medium to empower women in all areas of their lives.

Which is why we centre all our classes around our unique eight-pillar system that focuses on far more than technique alone, to create a safe an nurturing space for you to push yourself and enjoy everything surfing has to offer.

The 8-Pillar Method

The 8-Pillar Method

Meet Your Coaches

Lauren Ringer (Founder)

Lauren grew up competing in Australia, before taking to the world stage of the WQS, travelling the world competing everywhere from Hawaii to South Africa, France to Huntington Beach.  

And since then, her mission has been to encourage more women to try surfing and to have them feel less intimidated, and included out in the water.

A fully-qualified and certified Surf Instructor, Life Guard and Life Coach with over 20 years experience; Lauren has taught surfers around the world. 

Rowan Clifford (Director)

The analytical mind amongst the group of coaches...

Rowan's 25+ years of surfing around the world - from Portugal, France, Hawaii, Indo, even India - shine through when coaching in the water.  

Helping to dissect complex technical techniques into simple, easy to digest chunks.

This is easier said than done!

A vibrant bottle of high-vibe energy, Rowan always manages to get the best out of his students.

Gabi Paul (Head Coach)

As comfortable cross-stepping and hanging-ten on her longboard as she is packing big tubes, and getting super technical on her shortboard…

…Gabi is the complete package.

Growing up in the wild seas of Piha, she’s gone to become the Triple New Zealand Longboard champ, and even finished runner up in the Shortboard division too!

At just 19 she’s packed a lot into her short time here - with travel to Europe, USA, Australia and much more under her belt already.

Always full of smiles, we’re thankful to have Gabi onboard the House of Surf as one of our top coaches.

Isi Bruun-Kiær (Senior Coach)

Nothing phases this girl…

A perpetual traveller and literally the keenest surf ever!

Isi has traveled and surfed his way around the world - from deep Indonesia to Sri Lanka, Hawaii to South Africa.

Her stoke for surfing is infectious, and it's this love of the sport that has led her to coach in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

She's a joy to be around & a key player in House of Surf team.

Anna Brock (Junior Coach)

If you’ve spent much time surfing in and around Mount Maunganui then you’ll for sure have seen Anna tearing it up in the water.

But it’s not just locally that you’ll catch her.

In fact you’ll probably see her tearing through the field of competitors as she claims another title.

A competitive machine, Anna is destined for big things.

But until then, we’re just stoked to have her onboard.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What's your refund policy?

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds, however instead, we offer a credit note in exchange for any of our product/services. 

What happens if I miss a class?

If we receive notification from you no later than 24 hours before the class starts then we offer make up classes in any of the other classes which we have running. 

We allow one make up class per student for each 6-week class, which must be redeemed within the 6-week time frame (make up classes do not carry over into new class dates).

To redeem your make up class simply email us the night before and we will email you regarding the info of the class you will be joining. 

Do you supply surfboards?

Yes, we supply soft top surfboards.

We have a range of 6,7,8,9 foot boards available.  If you need to use one of ours just let us know!

Do you supply wetsuits?

Yes, we do supply wetsuits.

*We have a small supply of wetsuits so get in touch early to reserve one.

What happens if there's no surf?

The class runs irrespective of the surf and we take the opportunity to work on all 8 pillars of surfing. 

From balance training to skateboarding drills to fitness routines to paddling technique in the flat water. 

Sometimes we even jump into the sea to practise our breathing. 

Flat days give us an opportunity to work on the other areas often overlooked in surfing. 

What happens if it's raining?

All classes run in all weather conditions, except lightning ⚡️

Yes, we really do embrace the elements here at the House of Surf.

Can I turn up and pay?

All classes are to be paid in full before commencing. 

No money is accepted on the beach. 

What level of fitness do you require?

All participants must be able to swim. A moderate fitness level is sufficient. 

Can I buy a class pass as a gift?


Where do we meet?

Our normal meeting point is: Opposite number 38 Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui.  However, this is subject to change depending on the conditions.  

Once you're booked in you'll get all the relevant info on how to stay up to date with the location for your class.

What do I need to bring?

You'll need to bring your surfboard, wetsuit (if it's cold), a water bottle and sunscreen.

What happens if I'm running late for the class?

If you're running late we may have shifted the class to the beach so walk to the beach to find us.

The class will start on time for the students that have arrived, so just let the coach know you've arrived and hop into the lesson.

Are the classes held all year round?

No. Our classes run in the warmer months. 

Between Sep/ Oct - March/ April.

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

Yes. One disclaimer for the season is enough. 

Download the indemnity form here

What's your contact details so I can get my friends to join too?

Call us on +64 (0)27 640 6112. 

Click 'BOOK NOW' to reserve your spot!





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You missed out!

[Very limited spaces available]

Tuesday 5:30pm - 7:00pm [Starting 23/02/2021] - $245

*Only 4 spots left!

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