Finishing Your Ride

Lesson 15 Chapter 2

You have had a great ride all the way in and the shore is approaching. Sometimes you're so focused on your balance you don't realize that maybe you don't know how to get off your board.

Grabbing the rails and rolling off your board is a simple technique and easy to execute. 

Let's take a look:

How to grab your rails and roll off your board

 As the shoreline approaches, bend at the knees and fold at your hips, place your hands on the rails

 Swing your legs off to the side

√ Once you feel stable on your feet, let go of the rails and collect the board underneath your arm

Common mistakes

When you fold your hips, your weight will move forward and if you're not steady with your balance you will rolly polly off your board

If your not flexible you won't be able to bend down and hold the rails at the same time, so choose an alternative

This technique is more favorable to beginners because it requires less agility and if you're struggling with your downward dog you may want to use this option 🙂

This is a great technique to use if your traveling at some speed towards the shore. Placing your legs either side of the board is like putting the brakes on.

Let's take a look:

How to sit back on your board

√ With the shoreline approaching, place your hands on the deck and straddle the board 

√ Have both legs over each of the rails

√ Put your weight towards the tail and pull the board upwards, slowing down the board as the wave loses its power

 Swing your legs off to the side, place your board underarm

Common mistakes

Losing your balance as you transition your weight around will result in a really unstable board, its difficult to recover when the board starts to do this

If you don't put enough weight on the back of the board, you'll end up riding the wave sitting down