Getting Over Waves

Lesson 7 Chapter 2

When you're starting out as a beginner you will find that you spend quite a lot of your time catching waves near the impact zone. This means that you will experience a constant battering from the whitewater.

The most effective way to navigate so many broken waves one after another is too simply pick the board up with the rails and push up and over the broken waves.

Getting over broken waves

Option 1

 Walking your surfboard out past the oncoming broken waves you will need to be on the side of the board with both hands on the rails lifting the board over the waves

Option 2

√ One hand towards the back near the fins and one hand towards the middle applying pressure on the tail of the board when the waves approach keeping the nose pointed out to sea

Common mistakes

X What you want to avoid is positioning the board across your body, the wave hitting the board and subsequently hitting you and pushing you under the water with your board on top of you

Even if the waves look small they often carry a lot of power and sometimes a small wave can quickly turn into a double up. So stick to the board being on your side