Oxygenate: How to Double Your Breath Hold in 10 Days

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About this course

By the end of  Breathing For Surfers  you will have all tools and techniques to dramatically enhance your lung capacity so you can improve your fitness levels, massively reduce anxiety, overcome your fear of big waves and see some huge improvements in your confidence. 

Most importantly , you will see some huge improvements in your surfing and you will take this new found confidence with you to all aspects of your life. 

Most surfers go looking for the next new board or buy the latest surf fad, hoping it's going to improve their surfing.  Huge mistake !

You can take forever trying to figure out the next tool to help fix your surfing problems. Not to mention the expense. 

Watch this lesson to see why we delve straight into the most important aspect of improving your confidence (and discover why, here in  Breathing for Surfers ). 

Listen, sitting in front of a computer isn't the most exciting way to improve your surfing. But it is necessary.

So let's begin with what transformation you are going to achieve by spending the time taking the  Breathing for Surfers Course.  

And also...welcome to the journey!

It's exciting to be at the start of something new.