How it works...

Step 1

Click the button above 'BUY VOUCHER HERE' and select the voucher amount you'd like to buy.

Step 2

Once payment is complete, you'll be redirected to a page where you can enter names and address details for the recipient.

Step 3

We'll swiftly send out the gift voucher to the name and address provided.

Incase you're wondering...

How long will it take for the gift voucher to arrive?

We aim to send the gift card out on the day of order.  So expect it to arrive within 2-3 days.


What can the gift voucher be used for?

The gift voucher can be used towards any/all products & services supplied by the House of Surf.


Does the gift voucher have an expiry date?

The gift voucher will be valid for 12moths after purchase.

What if I only use part of the voucher?

Any remaining credit left on the gift voucher can be used towards any/all House of Surf products and services.


Got more questions?