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How To Duck Dive
Duck diving is a technique used by surfers to sink their surfboards underwater to enable the wave to roll over them.[...]
How To Frontside Tailslide
A tail side is an advanced maneuver where the back of the board slides around as a result of your fins breaking out[...]
How To Pop Up Intermediate
Making your pop up more consistent and reliable starts with a solid foundation. Laying good foundations early is a key to your[...]
How To Frontside Tuberide
The tube ride is the ultimate ride. Often referred to as "getting barrelled" or "shacked' or "int he green room"[...]
How To Generate Speed
The advanced surfer is constantly thinking of how to increase speed in order to gain power. The speed at which[...]
How To Angle Your Take Off
Angling your take off allows a surfer to drop in on waves that are steep. Popping Up with a slight[...]

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