Mount Maunganui Board Hire!

Are you looking to hire a surfboard in Mount Maunganui? If so, you're in the right place!

We have a selection of soft-top surfboards to rent from 8ft - 9ft.  Perfect if you're just starting out.


Click the button below to hire a board:

Hire a board, hit the beach, and away you go!

Mount Maunganui really is the perfect place to learn to surf.  With crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and soft rolling waves - who knows, today could be the day that you catch your first wave and get hooked!

Why our Hire boards are perfect for beginners

First up, all of the boards we hire out are made of foam - and that mean not only will it not hurt (much) if you get hit, but they're really stable, making it easy to catch waves.

Which is what we all want right?

We have a range of rental boards which are the perfect if you're a complete beginner just looking to have a bit of fun.

How our hire boards are made

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the board hire last?

Board hire is for a half day, so 6 hours.


What if I damage the board?

We may take a small deposit to cover damages.


Do you drop off the hire boards?

Drop off can be arranged for an additional $10 fee.  Just get in touch to arrange this further.


Can I pick up the boards direct?

Yeah of course.  Just get in touch ahead of time by calling: And we'll make sure someone is here to give you the board.