Hold Your Breath For Longer, Increase Your Lung Capacity & Stay Calm In Gnarly Situations.

"Kiss Goodbye To Surf Related Fear, Stress & Anxiety... Fast!"

Do you get out of breath and freak-out when you're getting wiped out?

A bomb set is coming your way.  You're a little too far on the inside, but maybe you can make it.

You put your head down and you paddle.  You paddle like hell! 

The set's getting closer and closer and it looks like you might now make it through.

Then comes the moment...

...when you're heart drops, panic sets in, and you realise you're not going to make it.

The set wave is jacking-up and it's about to explode right on top of you.

Fear, stress and anxiety consume you as you take a deep breath ready for the impact.

The instant the wave hits, you're gasping for air, kicking and paddling to get to the surface.

What's only seconds, feels like minutes as your getting rag-dolled underwater, desperate to take another breath.

Until finally the wave let's you up.  You kick and scratch frantically to get to the surface.

Finally you get there.  You make it back to the surface and you're alive.

A scary situation that happens all too often.

But does it have to be that way?

Is that how every surfer reacts when they're held under water? Does everybody get freaked out and out of breath after 5 seconds of being underwater? 

Or is it possible to be in that exact same situation, yet be calm, composed and maybe even enjoy it?

Of course it is!  

Some people have this composure naturally, and others develop it over years of experience.

But what about you?

What if you haven't been surfing forever? and what if you're not one of the pshyco's that doesn't know what fear is?

What then?

That's where I step in...

Properly executed breathing techniques increase lung capacity, reduce stress and relieve anxiety in the water.

Has anyone ever taught you how to breath properly?

You know, in a way that maximises the amount of oxygen you can intake.  Or maybe in a way that instantly calms your nervous system.  Or maybe even in a way that helps you hold your breath for minutes at a time?

It's funny isn't it...

...we get taught so much, yet nobody ever teaches us how to breath (effectively).

Control your breathing, control your heart.

Your breathing is like the command centre of your nervous system.  

If you don't have control over it, it will control you.

There are techniques however that if practised can put you in the 'command-seat' at the helm of your nervous system, that give you the power to influence your stress responses, and your ability to remain calm in sketchy situations.

And that's what I want to give to you.

I want to teach you the breathing techniques I've learned over the past 20+ years of surfing and competing.  The same techniques that elite athletes use to stay calm.  The same techniques free-divers use to hold their breath for 6 minute plus.

The same techniques that took me from a 32 second breath hold to a 2.25 minutes.

But, it's not all about breath hold vanity metrics.

It's also about reducing stress and anxiety in the water.  Returning to breathing techniques whenever you're feeling self conscious, or anxious in the water.  

The breathing techniques I'm going to be teaching you in my interactive online course are going to do all of this and more...

Control Your Breath. Control Your Fear.

OXYGENATE is an interactive digital online course for surfers wanting to learn breathing techniques that will increase your breath holding capacity, reduce anxiety and help you stay calm in hectic situations.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up to OXYGENATE you'll be taken straight to Lesson 1 where you can start working your way through the course material immediately.  You'll have lifetime access to the course, so you can take it at your own pace. 

I recommend going through each lesson, then choosing a technique that resonates with you most, and doing the accompanied 30 day challenge that's included.

At the end of your challenge you can expect to see dramatic changes in your ability to hold your breath for longer periods of time, and also have a tool that can be used to provide instant calming relief to stressful situations (especially in the water).

Increased Lung Capacity

Learn how to breath deep like never before, harnessing the full capacity of your lungs.

Hold your breath for longer

As you practice the techniques you'll be able to hold your breath for longer.

Complete calmness

If you can control your breathing you can self regulate your stress responses, making you calmer even in sketchy situations.

Reduced Anxiety

Self regulating your breathing instantly reduces your fight and flight responses.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Georgina Bradley

Surfing 5 years

Huge benefits, immediate change, more confidence

Prior to taking this course, I used to feely really anxious in surf that was over my head. I used to get palpitations and a knot in my stomach. I applied the breathing techniques learnt in this course and  within a few rounds of breath work I would notice an immediate change in my body. This gave me the confidence to go out there and surf.

Rowan Clifford 

Surfing 15 years

Transformational, improved fitness, recommend it

My fitness levels have always been pretty average. I would always feel out of breath after every paddle out. These breathing techniques made me aware of why I was feeling this way and how I could change it. Sometimes its the simplest of changes that have the most powerful impact. This course has been so transformational and I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about their surfing. 

Janis Karkossa

Surfing 1.5 years

Stay calm, more confidence, less fear

A few years ago I was involved in a nasty collision and it really knocked my confidence. Since then, there has been certain situations that has triggered the memory. I would always freeze and feel a surge of fear afterwards. I never knew what I could do to help with this. Thank goodness for Lauren and this course. Now when it happens I know exactly what breathing technique to apply and it has helped to really calm me down. I'm now able to surf with more confidence and less fear which is a huge boost for me and my surfing performance. 

Here's what's inside...

14 Lessons spread over 2 Modules


Module 1: Breathing Mastery 

Master these elite level breathing techniques and learn how to double your lung capacity, and hold your breath for much longer under water.


Bouns Course: Ocean Solace 

Crush self doubt once and for all. Little known tips, tricks and techniques to build phenomenal confidence so you can rise to your challenge.

About The Course Teacher,
[Lauren Ringer]

Elite sport is all that Lauren has ever known...

After growing up competing as an international junior squash star, Lauren then found the surf-bug and was hooked.

After surfing for just 1 year Lauren entered her first surf comp and won!

That was the start of an illustrious career where she went on to represent her country on the international stage competing and travelling the world on the WQS.

After a successful WQS campaign Lauren decided to focus her passion for surfing into nurturing the talent in others.  

She's since coached countless men and women around the world, helping them push their surfing to levels they never thought possible, all with her unique full-froth approach.

Featured heavily on platforms like The Inertia, Lauren is a well respected authority in the surf development industry.

Words from Laurens students...

Alex Impellizzeri


Warm energy, feel connected

Lauren is a gifted teacher with a beautiful warm energy. She makes you feel as though you are sitting in the same room as her. 

Kate Hickey

Marine Biologist

Easy going, likeable, comfortable learning

Lauren's easy going, likeable personality makes you feel easy and comfortable learning from her. I enjoyed her delivery and excited to see what other digital products she releases in the future. 

Pete McGee


Great communicator, clear and concise

Lauren's experience is evident in her content and communication. Her actionable advise is clear and concise and I love the way she is always smiling. You can see she loves what she does. 

Fear is crippling your progress...

If you want to get better there's a few things you need to do...

Surf every damn day, whenever you can, and work on your mental game.

This course isn't going to teach you how to do a round-house cutback, or how to do an air-reverse.  It's not even going to teach you anything about technical surfing (that's what's YouTube's for right?)

Instead, this course is for the ground level stuff.  The fundamentals of surfing and being able to surf without being shit-scared of falling off, or getting caught inside.

By taking this course and actually taking action you'll empower yourself multiple techniques to surf with more freedom.

Not just for today, or this week, no.  These techniques will be with you for life.  They're breathing techniques you can return to time and time again.

What would that be worth to you?  

To take off on that wave you'd usually pull back on, to laugh as that set breaks on your head, or to feel at ease in a crowded lineup full of rippers!

Each of the 9 techniques I'll be teaching you taught 1-on-1 would cost upwards of $250+ for each lesson, with over 9 techniques all taught step by step this course would far exceed $2250.

However, because I'm able to condense these super valuable techniques into easily digestible, actionable lessons online, I am able to offer you these teachings at a reduced rate.  That makes it more affordable for more people to access these teachings.

Here's what you'll be getting:

Module 1.

9 x In-depth step-by-step breathing tutorials (+action sheets) Value = $2250

Module 2.

3 x Value packed deep-confidence tutorials: Value = $289

Module 3.

3 x Technical self mastery tutorials: Value = $197

Total Value = $2736.00


30 Day "My Dog Ate It" No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't think this product has offered excellent value for money, or if you don't like it in any way (damn, even if you love it and you still want a refund), just let me know at hello@houseofsurf.co and I'll send you a prompt refund. 



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