A two day surfing course for surfers looking to make big improvements in their surfing in a condensed and hyper structured weekend. 

Over the weekend you'll be guided through our Surfing Made Simple curriculum teaching you the exact skills you need to progress. 

Step by step you'll build up the vital skills needed to take your surfing to the next level.

All taught by our world class in-house instructors. 


  • 4 In-water surf sessions. 
  • 4 In depth theory breakdown sessions. 
  • 3 Video analysis sessions.
  • Free online course curriculum.
  • Weekend video footage to take home with you.


This course is for you if:

  • You're consistently standing up in the whitewater.
  • Attempting to catch green unbroken waves on small days.
  • You're able to catch whitewater waves unassisted.


We follow the a curriculum which has been designed for beginner/intermediate surfers that want to improve.  

Over the weekend you'll learn all the vital skills and techniques to:

  • Harness the power of the 'Pop & Cork' method - a technique that'll double (or even triple your wave count, instantly).
  • Understand the 4-stages of a wave so that you're on the right waves, at the right time - every time.
  • Learn all about 'Spot-X' - what it is, why it's important, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Find out the oh so common (easily avoidable) mistakes that 90% of beginners make time, and time again - and how to correct them.
  • Learn the secrets to the little known 'Pro-Pop' method - used by the pro's, but so often overlooked by beginners.
  • Master the skills of taking-off on green unbroken waves - without nosediving on every wave! 
  • Learn the difference between functional and progressive stance - which one you should be focusing on, and why.
  • And much more. 

With each step building on the last, by the end of the weekend you'll have all the skills you need to take your surfing to the next level, owning your spot anywhere, at any lineup in the world.


  • 8am Meet & greet, straight into morning theory session.
  • 9:30am Hit the water for practical implementation of the mornings theory session.
  • 11:00am: Surf video analysis: Video breakdown of the morning surf session.
  • 12pm Lunch.
  • 1pm Theory session.
  • 1:30pm Hit the water for practical implementation of the mornings theory session.
  •  2:30pm Surf video analysis: Video breakdown of the afternoon surf session.
  •  3:30pm Wrap up & home time.  

We generally stick very close to this structure, however on occasion we may alter things to best serve the group.


This course is run at the following locations:

  • NOOSA - This is our primary destination where we aim to run for the duration. Occasionally we may need to relocate for better conditions that are more suitable, which could be within a 1hr radius. 


We aim to run the whole weekend at our default location in Noosa, however occasionally we may need to relocate to ensure we get the best conditions. 

Therefore, it's important to have access to your own transport incase the venue needs to be moved.


All students are required to bring along their own equipment for the weekend: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Togs, etc. 


21 Days notice is required to cancel your booking.

Upon cancellation you have the option to either receive a refund minus 30% administration/setup costs, or you can opt for a 100% credit note to be used towards the same booked service at the next available dates offered with the House of Surf.

Less than 14 days notice no refund and full credit issued less 40% administration costs.

Less than 7 days notice, no refund or credit is available.



Holly Cook

I recently completed the Boost Progressor Weekend in Raglan and could not recommend it more. It was focussed, well-structured, personally-tailored surf coaching within a warm and supportive environment. I gained confidence and noticeably improved over the course of the weekend. I’m seriously considering repeating the course to lock-in all the learning. Thank you, Giacomo and Rowan.

Cristina Figursky

Had a great weekend learning from Rowan & Giacomo, a very structured approach with heaps of information, theory and then lots of practice in the water. Loved the video breakdowns and the individualised approach.

Stephanie Moran

I recently had an epic weekend with House of Surf. The whole weekend was really well-structured, with a great balance of theory, practice, and video reviews to help improve my surfing.

The instructors were both amazing and fun - they made me feel comfortable and more confident in the water than ever before. Their passion for surfing was infectious! They broke down techniques in a way that was easy to understand, and the video reviews were super helpful to see where I could improve.

I was nervous to go on my own, but the vibe was so good and all the girls were super friendly. I'd definitely recommend to anyone book again for myself!

Hayley Edwards

Great team all super friendly and have lots of knowledge - would highly recommend!

Lauren Fenton

I did the level 2 weekend course and absolutely loved it, instructors were fantastic, extremely knowledgable and understanding. So much feedback and massive confidence booster for me. Would highly recommend, and if unsure, phone Loz, she's great to talk to and so passionate.

Claire Norriss

I attended a weekend progressor course recently and have to say it blew my expecations out of the water. Rowan , Loz & Vendela are an amazing team and deliver the goods in the perfect way - some theory, lots of time in the water, and a whole heaps of laughs. It was such a great weekend with such a great bunch of girls. Highly recommend it- you learn skills to really boost your surfing progression.

Victoria Baldie

Great teaches , great vibe, amazing waves. Having a bit of traumatic past in the water I have traditionally had a very healthy respect for the sea.I must say that I never once felt afraid. Day two things really clicked into gear and despite sore shoulders was able to catch many more waves than usual. Instructors are patient, approachable and knowledgeable. You will improve on this course

Shahn Forrester

The Boost Progressor course was the best experience I’ve had in surfing so far. Loz and Rowan were fantastic. I just wish I’d done this course 10 years ago, you won’t regret it!!!


2 DAYS / 8AM - 4PM



This course runs with a maximum of 8 students. 


The minimum age to participate in this course is 18. Courses run at multiple locations at different dates, please check calendar for preferred location.