WEEKEND: 7th and 8th Aug

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Optimal Swell Direction: NE

Optimal Wind Direction: SW

SUMMARY: I'm not going to lie, it's looking pretty crap all weekend long.

It's windy, and it's FLAT!

You might - just might -be able to sneak a little wiggle in early Saturday morning.  If that's on your radar though, get out early as the winds swing hard onshore from mid-morning onwards.


Don't even bother.  

Go walk around the Mount, or maybe head to Ruapehu with the rest of Tauranga for a session in the snow. Either way, surfing is off the cards so time to get creative right?


Optimal Swell Direction: SW

Optimal Wind Direction: SE

SUMMARY: As usual, Raglan is frickin massive.

Waves are pummelling the coast once again with waves in the 8ft region, which could be good and all, but...

There's a shed load of wind to go with it.

Although windy Saturday could be surfable at Manu Bay, but Sunday is likely a right off.


Optimal Swell Direction: NE

Optimal Wind Direction: SW

SUMMARY: Early Saturday morning is the pick all weekend long with potential for a small wave on offer.  Nothing too crash hot or anything, but could be worth getting your head wet.

Sunday is flat as.  Unsurfable.

Tip: After spending a bit of time in the Coromandel recently I had the chance to surf Hot Water beach which on a Northerly swell like we have this weekend, could be really fun.  Definitely worth a check if you're up that way..


Optimal Swell Direction: E

Optimal Wind Direction: W

SUMMARY: Gizzy is far and away the pick of the bunch this weekend.

Whilst the rest of the North Island is either getting smashed by wind and swell or flat, Gizzy is delivering the goods.

Saturday sees a decent swell in the 3-5ft range with offshore winds that should light up that area of the coast.

And Sunday the story is much the same.  All day offshores, plenty of swell, and why not throw a bit of sunshine in there too whilst you're at it.

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