Online Coaching Sessions


Providing solutions to your surfing problems.

• Discover your weaknesses
• Side by side comparisons with a pro
• Goals of progression
• Wave by wave comments and annotations

Surf Video Analysis is the only way to really improve your surfing. Until you see yourself on video, it’s impossible to really know what you look like and more importantly what you’re doing wrong. If your really serious about improving your overall performance video analysis is a must.


Hey, I’m Lauren and I am the founder of House of Surf. I’m a professional surf coach and former WQS professional and I’ve been helping thousands of students of all ages and abilities reach their surfing and fitness goals.


1. Get some footage of yourself, ideally three-six waves that represent some typical surfing. They don’t need to be edited as we want to see what goes wrong!

Note: this does not have to be the most high-quality footage, as long as we can see what you are doing.

2. Put together the clips of your surfing and upload the movie to either Vimeo or Youtube

3. Make your payment through the checkout page

4. Receive your analysis video within 5 working days and get ready to start achieving your goals


“Thank you so much, Lauren. Some of the suggestions you’ve made have had a huge impact and I’m seeing results already” Marley Bravo

“Hello, Lauren.  Just want to reach out and say a massive thankyou, for all off the coaching over the last few months. I’m really really pumped about the up and coming contest season” Tori Farmer