FREE Surf & Yoga Jam

Mount Maunganui | Saturday 14th

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Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Free Surf & Yoga Jam...

A fun day for women of all surfing levels to come together, meet new people, learn some free surfing tips from Loz (House of Surf) and practise yoga with Christina (Swell Fit Living) and jam in connection. 

Surfing brings people together!

  • Surfing tips by ex an professional 
  • Equipment Q & A 
  • Meet new friends
  • Yoga for Surfers
  • Water confidence hacks 
  • Be part of the local surf community

Your coaches for the event:

Lauren Ringer

Christina McGrath

Lauren is an ex-pro surfer from Noosa, Australia.

She grew up competing in Australia, before taking to the world stage of the WQS, travelling the world competing everywhere from Hawaii to South Africa, France to Huntington Beach.  

And since then, her mission has been to encourage more women to try surfing and to have them feel less intimidated, and included out in the water.

Lauren is a fully-qualified and certified Surf Instructor, Life Guard and Life Coach with over 10 years experience teaching surfers around the world. 

Christina has been involved in teaching different sports - from snowboarding and mountain biking to rock climbing.

And it was her passion for the outdoors that also drew her toward environmental work in wetland restoration, education and outreach for a number of years.

Since 2008, Christina has immersed herself in the wellness field. She's traveled the world specialising in yoga, nutrition, sports massage and global adventures. In addition her degree in psychology, has been essential in helping to develop corporate wellbeing programs, online courses, 1-1 coaching and retreats to help busy professionals, recreational athletes - and anyone with an active lifestyle.

Is it really free?

Yes! It really is. 

Do i have to bring my own equipment?

Yes. Bring your wetsuit, your board and some sunscreen.

I've never surfed before , it is still ok for me?

Absolutely. This is a great opportunity to get amongst the waves. 

Can my daughter(s) attend?

Yes. We'd love to have as many wahines as possible amongst the waves with us. 

Where can I hire a board from?

You can hire boards from us (but please be aware only a limited amount of boards available). 

House of Surf Board Hire