June 12

Surfing In Winter: 5 Hard-Hitting Tips To Get You In The Surf (Without The Moaning)


Most people stop surfing in winter altogether, but they shouldn’t.

They think they're winning, but really, they’re totally missing out. 

Once you get over your mental block of surfing in the winter you’ll open yourself up to a whole new side of the sport, one that’ll resonate with you in a whole different way. 

So, if you’re a fair weather summer surfer, you NEED to read this.

Are you ready , lets do this…


If you’re one of those people that only surf in the summer you’re totally missing out. 

I’m serious.

Surfing in the summer is fun, but it’s way more fun after a winter of surfing-flat out with all the skills you accumulate. 

There’s so much to be said for surfing all year around rather than just being a fair weather summer surfer as you’re about to find out. 


If you’re one of those people that surf only in summer, I guarantee the following holds true:

You’ve been surfing a long time, and you’re basically the same level you’ve always been.

Am I right?

I bet I am. 

You see here’s the thing, my brother has been surfing for about 20 years, only never fully committed to doing it all year around. 

The result? 

He’s basically the exact same level as he was all those years ago. 

If you surf in winter though, you can expect to improve year on year, and constantly be improving your skills, rather than stagnating. 


Do you put on a couple of extra pounds in the winter?

Go on, be honest…

I get it though, it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym, go for a run, or do any exercise for that matter in the winter. 

So why not give all those other boring exercises the flick and just go surfing instead.

You’ll have heaps of fun, stop yourself from getting fat, and free yourself from the guilt of not doing any exercise.

Win, win.


Surfing is getting more and more popular, and as such line ups are getting ever more crowded. 

Which means less waves for you. 

But since most of those people are fair weather surfers (like you used to be…), they’re nowhere to be seen surfing in winter.

Their loss, your gain. 

Surfing in winter means less and more waves for you, that’s got to be worth the hardship right?


Winter time is generally spent tucked up indoors with little to no exposure to the sun. 

And this means you’re usually pale as pale can be. 

Surfers that surf through winter though inadvertently expose themselves to the suns rays as a byproduct of getting in the water, resulting in tanned, glowing skin. 

You’ll be the one strutting your stuff looking like you’ve just been on a permanent holiday all winter long.


Winter can be a hard time for a lot of people. 

Dark mornings, and early nights, with way too much time spent indoors. 

This can lead to the winter blues, boredom, wow-is-me-ism, and even depression. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way, simply committing to surfing all winter long can snap you out of your own head and give you that Zen practice that’ll keep you fulfilled and energised all winter long.


Surfing in winter isn’t just some macho bravado stuff that people do to look cool, far from it. 

It’s a way to keep active, keep energised, stay healthy and vibrant, and improve your surfing at the same time. 

So, don’t be one of those people that are so put off by surfing in cold water that they just stop as soon as the seasons change. 

Keep with it, and keep enjoying all of the incredible health benefits surfing has to offer.


Rowan 🤙


Rowan is the technical nerd behind the scenes. A lover of everything entrepreneurial, and living a minimal, simple life. Surf, Travel, Create. 

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