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Welcome To Coach In A BOX

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I'm honoured, humbled, filled with gratitude (the list goes on...), that you've chosen to not only invest your money, but also your time in me and this service.

If you have any support issues whatsoever, or you even just want to reach out and chat, you can get in touch with me at: hello@houseofsurf.co

Here's what to do next...

1. Take a minute to go through this questionnaire (optional), the more information I have about your surfing and where you want to take it, the more effective this service will be.
2. Upload a video of your surfing to YouTube or Vimeo (make sure the video is not private).
3. Once uploaded, send the link to hello@houseofsurf.co with the subject line: Coach In A Box.
4. Once Lauren receives your video and questionnaire, she will review the video and create a training video, outlining her training recommendations - including drills - to fast track your development.
5. Surf Better, quicker with House of Surf 😀