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First session starts January 4th

[Very limited spaces available]

Here's EVERYTHING You Need To Know... 


All Girls Summer Surf Camp!

Fun, fun, fun in the sun!  The Wahine Holiday Surf Camps are finally here.

Packed full of sun, laughter, friendship, challenge and most importantly - Surfing!

These Summer camps starting 4th January are providing a safe, nurturing environment for young girls to hone their skills in the surf & increase their water confidence, whilst surrounded by a group of likeminded frothers.

We'll be covering everything from water confidence, surf drills & technique, surf safety, breathing exercises & fitness - with an overall focus of brining young girls together to connect using the beach and ocean as our canvas.

During the sessions we'll cover:

  • Beach awareness, understanding the wind and waves, staying safe at the beach
  • Surfboard design and use, sea entry and correct surfboard handling
  • Catching waves with correct body and hand positioning
  • Paddling, learning the pop up technique and riding a wave
  • Speed, acceleration and breaking
  • Confidence tips and hacks to utilise in your surfing 
  • Front side and back side turns
  • Fun & Games!
  • Much more...

Daily Routine...

9:00am - Welcome group

9:15am - Warm up + Games

9:30am - 10:30 - Surf Session #1 

(Group is divided into abilities with each instructor explaining what specific surf skills they are to be working on) 

10:45am - Morning tea and break

11:00am - 11:30am - Beach theory + Games

11:30am - 12:15pm - Surf session #2 

12:15pm - 12:30pm - Evaluation of each girls performance

12:30pm - Pack up

Meet Your Coaches

Head Coach - Lauren Ringer

Lauren (Loz) is the proud and passionate owner and operator of the House of Surf.  Loz is a former professional surfer & surf coach, and has been operating the House of Surf since 2017.

Lauren grew up competing in Australia, before taking to the world stage of the WQS, travelling the world competing everywhere from Hawaii to South Africa, France to Huntington Beach.  

And since then, her mission has been to encourage more women to try surfing and to have them feel less intimidated, and included out in the water.

A fully-qualified and certified Surf Instructor, Life Guard and Life Coach with over 10 years experience; Lauren has taught surfers around the world. 

Gabi Paul

As comfortable cross-stepping and hanging-ten on her longboard as she is packing big tubes, and getting super technical on her shortboard…

…Gabi is the complete package.

Growing up in the wild seas of Piha, she’s gone to become the double New Zealand Longboard champ, and even finished runner up in the Shortboard division too!

At just 19 she’s packed a lot into her short time here - with travel to Europe, USA, Australia and much more under her belt already.

Always full of smiles, we’re thankful to have Gabi onboard the House of Surf as one of our top coaches.

Anna Brock

If you’ve spent much time surfing in and around Mount Maunganui then you’ll for sure have seen Anna tearing it up in the water.

But it’s not just locally that you’ll catch her.

In fact you’ll probably see her tearing through the field of competitors as she claims another title.

A competitive machine, Anna is destined for big things.

But until then, we’re just stoked to have her onboard.

Dan Harmon

Nothing phases this guy…

A perpetual traveller and literally the keenest surf ever!

Dan has traveled and surfed his way around the world - from deep Indonesia to Sri Lanka, Hawaii to South Africa.

His stoke for surfing is infectious, and it's this love of the sport that has led him to coach in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He’s a joy to be around & a key player in House of Surf team.

What people have been saying...

In Case You're Wondering...

Is food included?

Our surf camp  includes your tuition only.

No food or water is supllied.

Can I turn up and pay?

All surf coaching weekends are to be paid in full before commencing. 

No money is excepted on the beach. 

What level of fitness do you require?

All participants must be able to swim. A moderate fitness level is sufficient. 

Do you supply equipment?

No. Unfortunately all equipment needs to be provider by the participant(s). 

Can I buy a coaching weekend as a gift?

Absolutely. This is a great gift for women surfers who are looking to improve their surfing.

Can I expect to improve my surfing?

Good surf tuition is fundamental to your surf progression. These surf coaching weekends are a great way to identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths. 

What's your contact details so I can get my friends to join too?

Call us on +64 (0)27 640 6112. 

What's your refund policy?

The full payment is require to secure your spot. 

For all our coaching services we don't offer a refund policy. Instead we offer a credit note. 

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

Yes. One disclaimer for the season is enough. 

Download the indemnity form here

What happens if there's no surf?

We encourage surfers not to get too picky about the forecast because perfect waves aren’t necessarily best for coaching.

The camp runs irrespective of the surf and we take the opportunity to work on the other 8 pillars of surfing. 

From balance training to skateboarding drills to fitness routines to paddling technique in the flat water. 

Sometimes we even jump into the sea to practise our breathing. 

Flat days give us an opportunity to work on the other areas often overlooked in surfing. 

What do I need to bring?

If you have your own equipment then we suggest for you to bring it. Bring food, water bottle and appropriate sun protection. 

Where do we meet?

We'll meet daily at the beach access opposite 38 Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui.

How do you teach the SURF LESSONS?

The  lessons have a mixture of land and water based tuition. 

What kind of areas of surfing will we be working on?

Download the Surf Better chart here.

How DOES the booking process works?

  1. Click the BOOK NOW and claim your spot.
  2. Sign the indemnity form and send it back to (alternatively print it out and hand it in at the start of your class).
  3. Download all the bonuses on your thank you page
  4. The day before you'll get an email you letting you know what beach we will be meeting at based on the conditions
  5. Read through the F.A.Q's

Our approach...

We approach surf coaching a little differently to most...

To us, surfing is more than just pop-ups and cutbacks.  Sure, these things are important (and we cover them in depth of course), but there's just so much more to surfing than this.

That's why we take a more holistic approach - using surfing as the medium to empower women in all areas of their lives.

Which is why we centre all our classes around our unique eight-pillar system that focuses on far more than technique alone, to create a safe an nurturing space for you to push yourself and enjoy everything surfing has to offer.

The 8-Pillar Method

The 8-Pillar Method
Wahines Holiday Surf Camp

Click below to reserve your spot!

First session starts January 4th

[Very limited spaces available]

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