June 16

Shh… How To Watch WSL Heat Replays WITHOUT Ads


If you love watching competitive surfing, but hate having to watch all the ads that come along with it, you’re in for a treat. 

In this post I’m going to show you how to watch WSL replays minus the annoying ads, for a seamless viewing experience. 

And no, it’s not just a case of using an ad blocker (that won’t work).

Keep reading to find out how. 


Ok, so I’m going to break down the process for you step by step, and within about 5 minutes you’ll be ad free and good to go. 


The first step is to download the Brave web browser.

Now before you start hating on me for recommending a different web browser to the one you’re likely already using (probably Chrome), hear me out. 

Brave Browser is built with Chromium, so if you’re used to using Google Chrome it’ll have the EXACT same look and feel - only it’s way faster, more secure, and helps us do cool things like blocking these ads natively. 

Go ahead and download here: https://brave.com/

*For what it’s worth, since transitioning over to Brave browser I’ve never looked back, and it’s now my default browser of choice, and I ain’t going back. 


Once you’ve downloaded the browser, go through the standard onboarding process to set things up to your liking (only takes 30 seconds or so).


Ok, now head over to worldsurfleague.com and go to the replay section, and click 'Replay Experience'.

Select whether you want to watch the Women's or the Mens Event, and then click 'Select' to start picking a heat. 

Scroll through the heats to find the one you want to watch, and click 'Replay', then choose either full heat, or condensed. 


Ok this is where the magic happens.

Just next to the search bar in the Brave browser there’s a little icon of a lion, this little lion activates what’s known as ‘Brave Sheild’.

This shield will block all known ad trackers, scripts, cookies and much more (it can be modified to your liking, but the default settings will work for our purpose).

Go ahead and toggle it to 'On'.

Make sure the Brave shield is activated, and reload the web page. 

And voila, that’s it. 

From now on, each time you select a new heat replay to watch you’ll never have to suffer through another video ad again. 

Pretty neat if you ask me. 


Ads are annoying at the best of times let's be honest, so hopefully this helps make your life just that little bit happier.

And a sneaky pro tip…

All of the above works for YouTube too (🤫 Google is listening)

You can thank me later.


Rowan 🤙


Rowan is the technical nerd behind the scenes. A lover of everything entrepreneurial, and living a minimal, simple life. Surf, Travel, Create. 

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